PGi GlobalMeet Combines Audio and Web Conferencing for Virtual Meetings

PGi (Premiere Global Services, Inc.) is an international conglomerate that specializes in virtual meetings and communication technology. PGi offers web conferencing, audio conferencing and video conferencing to companies of all sizes, all over the world. PGi has gained multinational esteem from their wide variety of products, including their innovative creation, GlobalMeet.

GlobalMeet is PGi’s original product that combines both audio and web conferencing together. It is designed specifically for the needs of the customer and reviews rave about its ease of use and ingenuous design.

By combining web and audio conferencing, GlobalMeet allows users to switch between phone meetings and web meetings with just a click of the mouse. This permits actual, real time discussion to take place through audio conferencing while websites, emails and other documents can be shared and viewed instantaneously through web conferencing. The web conferencing aspect also allows users to share screens to accomplish different tasks. Multiple views are available (partial or full screen) to allow clients to view their associates marks and notes as they are being written. Through these virtual meetings, important decisions can be made swiftly and quickly, letting fellow workers spend more time focusing on crucial tasks and less time dealing with the struggles and expenses of travel. GlobalMeet also provides a safe place to conduct your business, allowing you to lock meetings with password protection.

All meetings hosted through GlobalMeet have the option for web and audio recording. With this feature, certain parts of meetings can be played back and reviewed if necessary. Through mobile applications, GlobalMeet can be accessed from any smart phone or tablet. Thus, no matter where you are, you will be able to partake in any meeting with any of these devices with an Internet connection. When using a desktop or laptop to access GlobalMeet, no additional downloads are required so customers only need an Internet connection to access their meetings. Finally, Meetings can be managed, scheduled, cancelled and rescheduled easily and straightforwardly from the comfort of your home or office by just a few simple clicks of the mouse on your computer. All these features make GlobalMeet a great product for any business that must conduct virtual meetings.

In this age of technology, it is crucial to transfer information quickly and efficiently. With GlobalMeet, companies can save money by cutting out the expenses of travel while still conducting business as if everyone was in the same room. With this combined conferencing system, GlobalMeet is the only product necessary for businesses to hold meetings between themselves and other companies.

PGi GlobalMeet

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